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Our Services
Training & Education
JLMA has an extensive, well-established record of providing exceptional training and education support to the military services and Joint community. Our analysts were instrumental in developing DoD‘s training policies and standards for joint urban operations (JUO) and irregular warfare (IW). We have developed various Joint Knowledge Online courses, to include the Joint Civil Information
 Management course which was recently launched in June 2013. Additionally, 
we provide ongoing curriculum development support to the Marine Corps 
Intelligence Training Enhancement Program which increases the readiness 
of deploying operational forces. Our academic outreach experience includes 
instructor support to the Joint Forces Staff College and collaboration with 
the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) to integrate irregular warfare and 
stability operations concepts and best practices into their curricula. In the 
case of NPS, our efforts informed that institution’s graduate-level Stability, 
Security, and Development in Complex Operations course. In support of the 
Joint Staff J7 Blended Learning program, JLMA analysts are providing mechanisms for blending individual online courses and small-group simulation-based training with the live, collective training activities resulting in more effective training of joint headquarters staffs.    

Concept and Capability Development
JLMA associates are experienced in Joint and Service Concept and Capability Development efforts to define future force requirements. Our efforts range from initial concept development, through capability based assessments, to specific capability development efforts. A few recent examples include:
  • Primary author for JS J7 Joint Operational Access Concept (JOAC) 
          signed by CJCS
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) for JS J7 Civil Affairs Planning Operations
          for Steady State Operations (CAPOSSO) & AFRICOM Theater Civil 
          Information Fusion Cell (TCIFC) concept solution set.
  • Technical Lead for USJFCOM & USSOCOM co-sponsored 
          Joint Civil Affairs (CA) & Military Information Support Operations 
          (MISO) Capability-Based Assessments which led to approved Joint 
          Requirement Oversight Council Memorandums (JROCMs).
  • Ongoing support for U.S. Army’s Title 10 Wargame UNIFIED QUEST.
  • Managed the Future Immersive Training Environment (FITE) Joint 
          Capability Technical Demonstration (JCTD). 

JLMA is practiced in all aspects of the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) process from requirements identification through Joint prioritization and JROC Memorandum implementation. JLMA personnel are also familiar with “fast track” approaches to capability development, (i.e. JCTD, Joint Urgent Operational Needs).  

Strategic Planning
JLMA associates are recognized and sought after for their ability to conduct detailed analysis and provide comprehensive recommendations that reflect an understanding of both operational and strategic implications. We have analyzed and provided actionable recommendations on DoD policy and strategic guidance ranging from capabilities development to operational planning guidance that resulted in significant enhancements in DoD’s capacity to respond in Urban environments and Irregular Warfare activities. Our associates have conducted thorough risk assessments to identify capability gaps and identify alternative approaches that led to holistic solutions for Army and Joint activities.  For example, as Strategic Advisors to the Director of Joint and Irregular Warfare Center our analysts provided recommendations that were incorporated into various Chairman’s Directives and Memorandum, Unified Command Plan, Guidance for Employment of the Force, and Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan that directly impacted Joint warfighting capabilities.

Program & Project Management 
Today’s program/project managers face dynamic, complex, and uncertain environments which often include changing requirements and shrinking budgets. JLMA provides our customers with seasoned program management throughout the program lifecycle. We provide integration, communication, coordination, organization and planning expertise at both the program and project level. This includes program initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, controlling and closing functions. JLMA managers deliver meaningful results in the face of fiscal uncertainty and increased client expectations by providing timely and relevant solutions. We recently provided project management support to the Program Director for Joint Advanced Concepts, USJFCOM (PD-JAC) and were responsible for finding, demonstrating and transitioning the best operational concepts and technology solutions for transformational, joint, and coalition training. In addition, JLMA senior consultants were instrumental in all aspects of managing the Future Immersive Training Environment (FITE) Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD) program under PD-JAC.